What’s the biggest mistake that small businesses make when developing websites?

Answer – judging the quality of a website based on the look.

And a close second is paying more than you need to pay.

Whats the alternative?

Answer – to get clear on the exact purpose of your website and the measurable objectives that you want it to achieve. And then to find the most cost effective option to achieve those objectives.

For most small businesses, the objective is one or more of the following:

1. Capture the email of prospective clients for ongoing marketing
2. Help convert the above prospects into paying customers
3. Act as a high converting machine for traffic coming to the website
4. Help deliver traffic
5. Act as a point of communication with existing clients and prospects
6. Provide a reasonable looking presence for existing clients

Take a moment and think through which of the above apply to you.

We have tried many different approaches to website design over the years and have found that, with one exception, the site that best meets the above objectives at minimum cost is what we call our Money Making Website. (The one exception is if you are an interior designer, graphic artist or photographer where look is A1 critical.)

Everyone has had that experience of landing on a website and not knowing where to look. Or spending 5 minutes trying to find what you’re looking for and then leaving in frustration.

Our One Pager has been developed from a Marketer’s perspective and delivers what’s called One Decision Marketing.

It not only looks good but in 1 Page gives your prospect just one decision to make – do they want to take the action you’re asking them to take or not? And it delivers in 1 page everything that your Prospect needs to know about you.

The secret to generating business online is to start at the end of the conversion process and work backwards.

One page high converting websites deliver just that.