The 8 Deadly Sins of Website Development

Here are 8 of the greatest sins associated with website development.

  1. Not Planning Properly. Use a provider who starts with an extensive brief.
  2. No Mockup Timeframe. Insist on getting a mockup within a certain timeframe so that you can be confident you are on the right track. A mockup within 72 hours is an acceptable timeframe.
  3. No Development Timeframe. Insist on a certain timeframe for development and a penalty if that time is not met. 2 weeks is an acceptable timeframe for most developers.
  4. Not Using WordPress. Investigate the idea of using the award winning WordPress platform. This enables easy changes and has considerable SEO, e-commerce and other benefits.
  5. Not Using a Website Architect. Building a website is like building a building. And usually the best approach is not to engage a builder but to engage an architect who understands the ins and outs and can help you choose the best builder (ie website developer).
  6. Thinking That the Look is Everything. Most small business owners are too heavily influenced by the look of their website. Your website is fundamentally a marketing tool and it achieves its objectives if it helps drive and convert qualified traffic, NOT just if it looks good.

    Nothing pretty about these websites but they WORK.

    If you want a website that WORKS rather than one that just looks PRETTY, get help from a great marketing expert, rather than just a great website designer.

  7. Not investigating SEO. If Google ranking is important to you , then you also need need to investigate that area also. This includes things like getting the right ‘time to download’, focusing each page of the website around a particular ‘keyword phrase’, the right text and ‘tags’ in the websites source code (including title tags, meta tags and header tags).
  8. Getting Charged a Mozza for Ongoign Changes. High on your list of requirements should be the ability to change most aspects of the website yourself without the expense and time of a web designer.
  9. So, they’re the 8 deadly sins.

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