Data Entry Officer

Would you like to work from home?

Do you like getting everything perfect?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes” read on.

I started the Small Business Authority because I have a passion around people who start up businesses but end up in survival mode, doing work they didn’t enjoy, just living for the weekends. Or maybe they are middle aged people who start a business out of necessity.How can you operate and run an effective small business but at the same time have a life too? That’s the problem we are here to help people solve.

The Job

We get hundreds of people signing up for our services and we need the data from all those people to be input upon giving it to us. That’s what we need you to do. This work comes in mainly during Australian working hours 9am to 5pm Sydney time Mondays to Fridays with a few hours over weekends also. So that’s when you will need to do most of it.A lot of your work will be copying and pasting the information into a database quickly and accurately as soon as you get it.

About You

You will need to have good to very good English fluency (To make sure you can follow our guidelines and understand the any issues with the information.)

You will need to be great at working with detail so that you spot any problems and don’t make mistakes.

You need to be proactive and good at organizing yourself so that you can meet our deadlines.

You need to be able to juggle several things at once and still meet the deadlines.

You need to be happy to ask us questions when things need clarification and you need assistance is prioritizing your daily workflow.

We are based all over the place so you’ll need to be confident communicating on the web and communicating by email.

Working With Us

There is really good teamwork within the business; we are always learning from each other.

From what they tell me, people like working here (wherever they are) and we have a really collaborative style. Everyone’s views get respected.

We believe in supporting our current stakeholders, in terms of their own learning and development, their own work and their money objectives. We want to make the team successful and the customers successful. We want them to have financial independence.  (This includes you too!)

This is a full time position with a pay range of AUD$125-AUD$160 per week.

Applying For This Post

We take recruitment very seriously and have a process that everyone who applies to us needs to go through. The result of this process is that neither of us ends up wasting time.

If you would like to find out about our recruitment process, go to this page to find out what the next step is. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.