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Q. What Are the Benefits to Me of Having a Website?

A website is essentially a marketing tool which serves one of the following functions:

  • generate leads (called ‘traffic’)
  • encourage leads to take a further step towards conversion (eg call or email)
  • convert leads (ie they buy something online)
  • retain existing customers (by building trust with them)

Another way of thinking about the above is seeing your website as performing one or more of the following functions:

  • presence
  • marketing brochure
  • display your services (eg graphic artist or photographer)
  • collect prospects information so you can email to them ongoing (eg a free ePaper)
  • sell things
  • provide helpful free information to your customers and prospects (so that you build your ranking in say Google and get more qualified traffic coming to your website)

Q. What Do I Need to Do to Get a Website?

These are our recommended steps:

Step 1 – Get a Domain (See for more information on this)

Step 2 – Get clear on the Purpose (Why for) and Outcomes (What You Want from) Your Website (See above question for starters).

Step 3 – Build it – you can either do this yourself with a “Website Builder” or you can have someone else build it for you (commonly called a Website Developer).

Step 4 – Purchase Website Hosting (if you haven’t already done that). you can also use your website hosting to create professional emails like [email protected]

Q. What is a website address?

A website address is the thing the address that somebody types into their browser in order to see your website

It takes the following form:

www.[your domain name]

For example:

Q. What is ‘website hosting’ or ‘web hosting’

Once you have finished building your website, you need a place to store or host it so that others can see it.

This is called ‘website hosting’ or ‘web hosting’

Q. My web designer wants me to move my hosting so that he controls it. Should I do that?

Of course that is possible, however it is not smart. If you are not happy with your web designer or have a dispute, he cannot hold your website to ransome.

Having Independant Hosting stops this from happening.

Also, your web designer is probably very good at web design, but hosting is a totally different skill set, and most web designers try to get clients to switch to them for hosting simply so that they get a commission. It is unlikely that your web designer will get up at 4am because your website is down, but your web host will.

The two golden rules of hosting:

  • Try to separate your web designer and your web hosting
  • If your host has done nothing wrong, don’t change things (you may be creating problems for yourself).

Q. Is It a Good Idea to Have a Friend Build My Website?

Family and friends are great for socialising and having fun with but one of our golden rules is “dont employ or contract family or friends for anything”.

p<>If you dont want to take this advice, then at the very least you should implement the following steps:

  • Get very clear on what you want
  • Investigate available options
  • Go to the market with what you want and see who will deliver and at what cost

You can include your friend in step 3 (ie as one possible provider) but you owe it to yourself to make sure that the solution is right for you and at the right price.

Q. Is There Anything Else I Should Think About?

Yes, check out our Build these ideas into here:

Q. Can You Recommend Somebody for Website Development Services?

Our focus at Small Business Authority is to make life simple for our small business clients.

With the benefit of our extensive experience in small business, we are in the process of doing an extensive analysis of the website development options available so that you can rest assured that when we make a recommendation to you, it will be the best.

We expect the results of that analysis to be finished in June 2013. If you would like to check our progress, please contact us at [email protected] or 1800 Distil [1800 347 845].