All About Emails

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Q. What Are the Benefits of A Professional Email?

It gives a professional look and therefore helps convert new customers and retain existing customers.


Q. What Prefix Should I Have in My Professional Email (eg jane@ or info@)?

This depends entirely on how you are going to use it and the image you want to portray.

But most common are info@ and firstname@


Q. What Are the Steps I Need to Take in Getting a Professional Email?

Step 1 – Decide on your prefixes (see above question)

Step 2 – Purchase hosting

Step 3 – Login to your hosting control panel and set up your chosen prefixes

Step 4 – If your domain and email are with 2 different hosting providers, you also need to do a technical thing called “changing the Records”). If the providers have good support, they will help you with this.


Q. Once I have Done the Above, How Do i Start Receiving and Sending Emails from the New Address?

You can choose one or more of:

  • Set it up on your computer (eg Outlook)
  • Set it up on your tablet or smart phone
  • Use Webmail – this is an online application

A good provider will hellp you with the above.


Q. Can You Help Me?

Yes. We do this for many clients.

The benefits of our simple service are:

Fast – within 1 hour
No hassle – we already have your information and we fill out the forms for you
Any questions – we’re just a phone call or email away
No jargon – we know what its like being in small business and we won’t bombard you with jargon
You won’t lose it – we advise you within 2 weeks of renewal and then we will auto renew it for you, so you don’t lose it

The cost is just $2.49/week (billed in advance for 6 months).

Payment is available by phone or direct debit.

For more information, email us by reply or call us direct on 1800 Distil [1800 347 845].