All About Domains

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Q: What’s a Domain?

Its the part of a web address that follows after the www (or the part of an email address that follows after the @)

So, examples of domains are:


Q: Why Would I Want To Have or Get a Domain?

Any one of 3 reasons:

  1. Website – You want a website (eg
  2. Professional Email – You want a professional looking (non GMail or Hotmail etc) email address, eg: [email protected]; [email protected]
  3. Protection – You might not want a website or professional email now but for a relatively low cost, you might want to stop others from getting your preferred domain(s). Reasons for this can include
    (1) you might want a website and/or professional emails at some time in the future, and
    (2) you want to stop others from using your business name in their domain.

Q: Is There a Difference Between ‘Using’ a Domain and ‘Registering’ a Domain?


“Using” a domain refers to using it in a website or professional email.

“Registering” a domain refers to just reserving it – either because you might want to use it later or because you want to stop others from using it


Q: Should I Register Multiple Domains Even If I Don’t Intend to Use Them?

This is quite a common practice.

The upside is that it takes the domains out of the hands of future registrants.

The downside is the cost.


Q: What “End Extension” Should I Go With?

An ‘end extension’ is the part of the domain that follows the first ‘dot’ eg:

The extension(s) you should use or register depends on your situation and what’s available but some good golden rules (subject to availability) are:

– If your business is focused on the Australian market (or part thereof) then register
– if your business is focused on North America or multiple countries, register .com
– if you can afford it, register multiple domains with different end extensions (see above question)


Q: How Can I Tell What Domains Are Available?

We provide a free service of checking available domains. Just call us on 1800 Distil [1800 347 845].


Q: Can You Give Me Advice on What Domains to Register?

We provide general phone information to clients who have already asked us to register their domain name for them.


Q: Can You Help Me to Reserve a Domain and What Are the Costs?

Yes, we do lots of domain registrations.

The benefits of our simple service are:

Fast – within 1 hour
No hassle – we already have your information and we fill out the forms for you
Any questions – we’re just a phone call or email away
No jargon – we know what its like being in small business and we won’t bombard you with jargon
You won’t lose it – we advise you within 2 weeks of renewal and then we will auto renew it for you, so you don’t lose it

The cost is:

– $18 for 6 months
– $32 for 12 months

Payment is available by phone or direct debit.

For more information, email us by reply or call us direct on 1800 Distil [1800 347 845].