A Small Business Objectives (or Goals) System

Have you ever got into your car and started driving off without knowing where you were heading?

Not a good idea, right?

And yet, thats exactly what many small businesses do.

[A word on terminology: we use the terms objectives, goals and outcomes interchangeably.]

A Small Business Objectives (Goals) System

The starting point in developing a system for your business is to get clear on the objectives you want from your Objectives System (of course 🙂 ).

Below is the list of objectives we developed before settling on our own System.

We suggest that you go through the list and tick the objectives that you would want for your System.

  • Facilitates the development of SMART objectives.
  • Stakeholders and staff like using the system
  • Each individual is clear on their objectives on an ongoing basis
  • Objectives are easily cascaded from top Org objectives down to individual objectives
  • Objectives are easily cascaded from Manager down to Reportees
  • Sub objectives can be tied to higher level objectives
  • It is easy at any given moment to get a whole of business picture of the objectives
  • If they so choose, stakeholders have a good knowledge of what the whole business is up to
  • By being kept informed, stakeholders come up with new ideas and initiatives
  • Makes appraisals VERY easy.
  • Tracks achievements so as to increase motivation
  • At least annually a larger review is done of Org objectives and how each Role objectives fit within the bigger picture
  • At least annually, each Role agrees that they have whatever is necessary to make progress towards their objectives (keeping in mind that objectives will shoot for the stars)
  • Their Report/Manager has no doubts about the above
  • If you do client work, then you may want to track progress with the client in your system.

Next Step?

Once you have got clear on what you want, you have 2 choices:

  1. Develop your own system
  2. Find an existing system

Under both scenarios, you need to make sure that the spend incurred (including internal time) leads to a positive ROI.

At Small Business Authority we have developed an entire Objectives & Appraisal System which goes towards achieving all the above.

Without overstating it, we believe that this System can be the difference between an ordinary small business and a great small business.

The System is Cloud based and delivers all the above objectives/needs.

An optional add-on is a consulting component which helps you get clear on your Business Objectives and Implement the System (including training).

To get clear on your needs and whether we can help you, contact us.